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This Awesome Gmail Trick Will Prevent You From Spammer.

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On the off chance that you’ve ever inadvertently or inquisitively tapped on a spam picture when glancing through your Gmail messages, it’s a decent probability you’ve been followed by spammers. Google tended to this years back with a setting for Android that it as of late included for iPhone, as well. Turn it on and it prevents connections like pictures from consequently stacking when you open an email. The setting likewise shields spontaneous email from following you, which can help shield you from spammers. Also, it’ll help load your messages quicker.

Here’s the manner by which it works: The update filters the pictures to ensure there isn’t any suspicious substance that the sender may use to follow your area and use treats. Gmail likewise ensures the pictures don’t contain harmful software. On the off chance that Google distinguishes something suspicious, Gmail won’t demonstrate to you the pictures and rather gives you the choice to open them.

Here’s the way to disable pictures in Gmail from naturally opening on your telephone.

Block Spammy Images on iPhone

  1. Open Gmail App
  2. Tap on the three-line hamburger menu, on the top left side
  3. Tap on Setting in menu
  4. Now, tap on Gmail Account at the top
  5. Tap Images
  6. Select Ask before displaying external images.
  7. Now, after doing this, when you will open any email that contains spam pictures, they will be invisible.

Block Spammy Images on Android

  1. Open Gmail App on your Android Phone or Tablet
  2. Tap on the three-line hamburger menu
  3. Tap on Settings and choose your Gmail Accounts
  4. Right below the Data Usage Category, Choose Images
  5. Now, Tap Ask before showing.
  6. And it’s done. Whenever you’ll open your email that contains images, they will be hidden. And in case, you want to see the pictures, tap show pictures.

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